Spare A Thought For TV Stars Who Like Jimmy

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Spare a thought for BBC stars and hard-working members of staff who, just like the late Jimmy Savile, liked a bit of underage p***y and saw nothing wrong with it.

George Entwistle
George Enwistle
And then there’s the abysmal appearance of the BBC Director General George Entwistle in parliament yesterday. All paedophiles were hoping that Mr Entwisle would come out fighting on their behalf, ridiculing any idea that under-age lovers have something to be ashamed of. But no, the silly man condemn these practices and was only thinking of protecting his own job, denying that he knew about Savile and his antics. It turned out that in his 22 years at the BBC Mr Entwistle has never shown any interest in anything, apart from having his lunch on time and leaving work in time to catch the latest episode of Eastenders
Jimmy Saville
Jimmy was a loner
Mind you, the paedophile community at the BBC is feeling the support of the wider left-wing liberal establishment that has been doing its best to play down the Savile sex abuse scandal and distract the nation’s attention from this disgraceful saga. The Savile affair is presented as a one-man operation, with the rest of the vast Corporation watching in horror how that despicable man sexually abused young girls, not daring to speak up for fear of retribution.  These are just snippets of a  post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - (A humorous take on news and current affairs).
The BBC coat of arms
The BBC coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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