Jimmy Savile Was A Loner Looking For Love. It’s Clear As Day, Ain’t It?

Ben Delicious writes from London: Personally, I go along with the perfectly sound version of the Jimmy Savile drama explained to us by the BBC: that he was a misunderstood loner looking for love and affection, sometimes on the premises of the Corporation, while its 40,000 odd staff – who had a soft spot for him – overlooked some of his mischiefs. It’s clear as day, ain’t it?
Jimmy Saville
It’s all quite simple really: Jimmy was a star, a man with a big heart which was not always in the right place. And from time to time he fancied a leg-over with some 14-year-old hottie who was asking for it basically. Was it any wonder that the staff at the BBC kept quiet about Jimmy’s romantic adventures, out of respect for his talent and charity work? No wonder at all.
I also can’t understand why it is that some people are claiming that the BBC does not report about the Jimmy Savile ‘scandal’ properly? Pardon me for asking, but why should it be making Jimmy headline news? Who the hell is interested in this sort of thing? I can understand phone hacking by the News of the World. Now that’s a big story. It’s got everything in it: drama, betrayal, suspense, right-wing scum breaking the law. But the Savile affair, what’s so outstanding about it? 
Mark Thompson 
Some cynics are now trying to imply that Savile is just the tip of the iceberg and that other people might have been involved, including other BBC stars and members of staff. Read the full stupidity watch article by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.