More Bombs In Iraq. And Bang Goes The Peace That Never Was

bombs in Baghdad
Bombs in Baghdad
  Claud Monbar writes from Baghdad: Car bombs killed around 50 people in Iraq this past weekend and wounded, at the very least, 100 others.Iraq did you say? Isn’t that where we all went to save them from some dictator called Saddam Something? Now the TV networks no longer report from there.

Iraq was the very place we were instrumental in hanging Saddam Hussein, the tyrant, dictator, psychopath (we called him all those things) in December 2006. But we did get rid of him, didn’t we? Yes we did. And we got rid of the other guy, Gaddafi? Yes we did. Iraq is a place of terrible killing. It happens most days, certainly weeks. Every month so far this year in Iraq there’s been a mortar bomb, car bomb or some similar attack on Shias and security people. 

fighting in Libya  
Libya, where the central authority really is attempting to get control, open murder and gun crime is greater than when the horrid colonel was in charge. But, thanks to our remote control part in his downfall, ie drone attacks, we are not lumbered with brigades on the ground that we have to pull out as soon as is decent – perhaps not really even that. We all know about the sleeping chaos and mayhem in Afghanistan is gathering its strength for its big push when the coalition troops pull out in 2014. For those who believe the NATO PR men when they say the ANA etc will control the ambitions of the assorted Taliban, militia, and warlords, just do not forget why we are going.

This is just some of the extracts from a post over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. - (A humorous take on news and current affairs).

The result of a car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq 
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