The Script And The Soldiers

The Script #3
New Albums: The Script – #3

Freddie Matthews writes from London: Danny O’Donoghue and his band The Script are finally back. However, they had to wait for Danny to finish moonlighting on the not so successful BBC TV series The Voice before they could get their teeth into making a new album. I’ve never understood what the hell music genre The Script actually fit into? 

This new  The Script  album sounds like an East 17 were they playing the big time in 2012. FYI East 17 are still together and at the height of their musical career but playing local pubs these days! There are some OK songs on this new album but only OK until Danny starts to rap badly. At that point the songs lose some if not all credibility. Someone should have a word in his ear. At best I managed to at least find one positive. 5/10
The Soldiers
New Albums: The Soldiers – The Soldiers
Three serving British Army soldiers make up quite possibly one of the worst bands to ever release music this side of Pluto. They are imaginatively called The Soldiers. They may well kill for a living but after listening to this album I actually wanted to kill all three of The Soldiers for crimes to music. Please take this as a pre-warning as this album isn’t released until 29 October. 0.5/10                                                                                           

The Script
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