Joe Biden Is Just One Heartbeat Away From The US Presidency

Dan Majestic writes from Danville, Kentucky: I don’t know about you but I thought the TV debate between Vice President Joe Biden and vice-presidential Republican hopeful Paul Ryan proved one thing beyond any doubt: that a man who’s not exactly suitable to be in politics in the first place has been just one heartbeat away from the US presidency for the past four years.
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan
Yes, Mr Biden is living proof that anyone in America can reach the highest of office, and in his case anyone has. And to think that Democrats and their allies in the entertainment industry had made a huge fuss about Sarah Palin and the possibility of her moving into the White House in case, you know, her boss would kick the bucket . I’m sorry, but Ms Palin looked like a heavyweight compared to good old Joe. And he does look old, doesn’t he?
No mean feat, mind you, considering that Mr Obama is supposedly oozing charisma and is a ‘brilliant public speaker, as lefties always remind everyone in case they forget, while his opponent has a reputation of being wooden and boring. And now that the dust has settled, it looks even odder, with people scratching their heads and asking themselves: what if Obama was never any good and we just fell for him because we were all fed up with that village idiot George Bush?
Joe Biden
But my bet is still on Obama winning in November, even if he loses both of the remaining debates. I just can’t imagine Romney becoming president, what with his strange religious beliefs and obsession with money. These are extracts from Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.
English: President Barack Obama and Vice Presi...
English: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden practice their putting on the White House putting green April 24, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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