Why Is News Reporting So Boring And Stupid?

Adam Lovejoy writes from Fleet Street, London: Why, may I ask, is news reporting so boring and stupid? The whole bloody world is being torn apart by wars and economic crises and all sorts of other calamities and yet we have a flood of absolutely irrelevant, politically correct, idiotic and boring TV reports and articles that reveal nothing of any interest.  
Boring News
How come news is so boring and stupid?

Talking heads produce unbearable bulls..t on the box and scribblers write such pathetic trash that it’s a mystery that anyone even bothers to start reading it, let alone finish or get to the middle part. 

Who are all these people who have hijacked the news? Ok, ok, I understand that most of them are politically correct freaks with a leftie orientation who plug their silly agendas while twisting facts and hyping up irrelevance. We read about the genius of Darwin and the watertight logic of his idiotic views. But no proof is provided, none at all.
EU summit - hacks are missing the point
And then there’s the pathetic coverage of the current economic crisis that has been triggered by financial meltdown that was caused by banks gambling trillions away of dodgy deals. And there’s the debt crisis in the Euro zone.  Can you believe that? Do hacks live in some parallel universe or something? How come none of them investigate the debt crisis properly and uncover the collusion between politicians and the money men who are bankrupting whole nations. The new boys on the block in the Middle East and North Africa are fanatics who hate the West and the rest of the world along with it. How thick do hacks need to be not to see it?
The end of the world
And don’t forget China.  We have science dragging mankind backwards, but we hear only praise of all the stupid gadgetry that is taking over the lives of millions and turning them into zombies. Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs. These are snippets of the original post.

Graphic "When Greece falls" presente...
Graphic "When Greece falls" presented by Dutch government on 21 June 2011, speaking of European sovereign debt crisis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The two major economic policy makers of the US...
The two major economic policy makers of the USSR, Lenin (left) created the NEP while Stalin (right) created the planned economy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)