David Cameron Thinks A Referendum After 2015 On The EU Will Pull In Votes. It Might Be Too Late By Then Though

get out of the EU
Get out of the EU.

Martin McCauley writes from Brussels: Nerves are jangling here as David Cameron tries to win the next election by promising British voters to offer them a say on whether to leave the European Union. So would a vote on leaving the European Union be popular?
Britons are naturally anti-European in their politics. London has never sided with the strongest power in Europe. That would weaken Britain’s ability to play both sides. So one can regard joining the EU as a change of heart. Threatening to leave might win concessions. There are drawbacks. Half of Britain’s trade is with the EU. Supporters of independence point to Norway and Switzerland as shining examples of what can be achieved by avoiding the shackles of Brussels’ bureaucracy.
EU time to abandon ship?
EU time to abandon ship?
Greece is in turmoil. The government reduces spending and increases taxes. Greeks are not willing to make these sacrifices. A safe bet is that Athens will leave the euro next year. Those on the streets are the young and middle class. Half of those under 25 are unemployed. Catalunya’s response is to advocate independence. The province is the richest in Spain. 
Catalunya - Maresme
Catalunya - Maresme (Photo credit: Jaume Meneses)
My guess is that the EU of the future will consist of Germany, Holland, Finland and a few other fiscally prudent countries. These are extracts from Martin McCauley's article published on Stirring Trouble Internationallyat about 11.30 20 minutes ago.  
David Cameron and Recep Tayyip Erdogan
David Cameron and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo credit: The Prime Minister's Office)

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