New Albums: Feeder – Generation Freakshow

Feeder - Generation FreakshowNew Albums: Feeder – Generation Freakshow

Freddie Matthews writes from London: Feeder are Britain’s answer to the USA’s Foo Fighters and ironically both bands have been on the music scene since 1994. Eight albums later, unlike Foo Fighters’ 7, Feeder the band from Newport in Wales are still waiting for their invitation to the rock elite. Seven of the 8 albums have been UK top 10, and 20 of their singles achieved top 40 single status. That’s not too shabby a performance for a band still on the verge of greatness.

Generation Freakshow is a showcase for feel good factor, expertly penned and rousing arena anthems. Frontman Grant Nicholas initiates the writing process with just his acoustic guitar, around the not so rock ‘n’ roll normality of family life, while in his living room and always with a guitar to hand.

The song that Feeder are best known for is their 2001 UK top 5 single ‘Buck Rogers’, taken from their 3rd studio album Echo Park. Originally Grant didn’t write the song for his band only for producer Gil Norten (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Counting Crows) and the A&R staff to persuade Feeder to record the song instead of giving it away.

Of Feeders 8 albums the most successful to date was Comfort In Sound. The album the band released shortly after the suicide of their drummer John Lee. It went on to sell over half a million copies in the UK alone.

Now some 18 years later Feeder have returned with Generation Freakshow. It may be album number 8 but Feeder are still impressively on form. As with the last album, Feeder - Grant NicholasGeneration Freakshow is self released on Feeder’s Big Teeth Records label and is one of only a handful of albums to achieve a UK album chart top 20 placing for a self-release album. I actually know Grant Nicholas personally and have ensured this record label information is as accurate as possible, having got rather confused in a recent article ref Matt Cardle’s record deal situation (there were reasons but far too long winded to go into here, apologies).

It’s difficult to imagine Feeder gaining many new fans in this day and age as they no longer get the radio play they used to but that shouldn’t take anything away from this polished and well produced album. The standout tracks are the catchy Borders, the speedy Headstrong, the sensitive Children Of The Sun and the banging title track Generation Freakshow. Grant Nicholas has a writing formula and he’s stuck to it for quite some time. It’s what he knows and why should he change it while life is comfortable? There’s something unique and distinctive about the way Grant strums his acoustic guitar that screams Feeder, Feeder, Feeder. I just wish he’d step away from the comfort zone and write another Comfort In Sound.

Feeder are energetic and enthusiastic live. They’re cracking musicians, they write gritty, honest music and maybe they’ve just grown up and ever so slightly out of their once former cool rock genre.

Maybe, just maybe Feeder have a final classic album somewhere in waiting, something up their sleeve to save our future generation from turning into a complete freakshow.



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