New Albums: Matt Cardle – The Fire

In winning the competition he also won a lucrative recording contract with SYCO music, Simon Cowell’s record company.

Matt Cardle - The Fire
Freddie Matthews writes from London: Southampton born Matt Cardle is a former winner of The X-Factor but that was 2 years and 1 album ago.  After winning the X-Factor Cardle released his winner’s single, a cover version of the Biffy Clyro song Many Of Horror.
These statistics tell the true story. Matt Cardle has only been successful while and during being a part of the X-Factor model. Regardless of his talent, as a solo artist he just can’t cut it. Only thanks to the X-Factor did the debut single sell over 1 million copies. His tract record since goes to prove that Matt Cardle is no Leona Lewis. Her debut album sold an incredible 3 million plus copies.

Matt Cardle

The Fire is certainly not on fire by any stretch of your musical imagination. Matt plays most of the instruments himself and has even produced the album alone. Is he really so far up his own arse that he actually thinks doing so will improve the albums chances of success? He has written the songs from this album with some of the best songwriters, namely Star sailor frontman James Walsh and Eg White who is best known for his work with Adele, Duffy, Will Young and James Morrison. So why ruin their hard work and self produce the album? I am shocked SYCO/Columbia gave Matt the go ahead for the project. Surely they would like a return on their investment? Having heard the new album they’re not going to get any return whatsoever.
Matt Cardle may well have one of the best X-Factor ratings records in history but if he doesn’t watch out his new album The Fire will only get him ‘the fire’ from his record deal.
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