Savile scandal turned into comedy sitcom

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal could have been turned into a comedy sitcom, what with the idiotic explanations that the BBC comes up with and the desperate attempts of left-wingers to bury the whole affair. BBC, Comedy, Hollywood, Jimmy Savile, London, Savile, sitcom, television, top of the pops, tragedy.
BBC Radio 1 calendar - Jimmy Savile / Bruno Br... BBC Radio 1 calendar - Jimmy Savile / Bruno Brookes (Photo credit: radiothings.com)
Let’s face it, it does sound surreal that one man had supposedly run a paedophile network at the BBC for around fifty years, with pretty much everyone being aware of it but too afraid to spill the beans.
How on earth do BBC execs and hacks loyal to the Corporation keep straight faces when they peddle this sort of rubbish? How about those other presenters of Top Of The Pops, who worked alongside Savile and partied with him into the early hours: weren't they ever tempted to join in the fun with some of the young lasses?
George knew nothing
We now have a hilarious situation when 15 celebrities contact a publicist to tell him that they are feeling ‘anxious’ about the Savile scandal. That is pure comedy stuff. These people are actually implying that they might have forgotten what they did at those parties that Jimmy was throwing on BBC premises. How do when you pop a 14-year-old virgin and then forget about it the next day. All in the best possible taste, of course. 
We are talking here about a broadcaster that has been plugging filth for decades, promoting atheism and dope taking and introducing sexual innuendoes into its children’s programmes. That is like saying that Hollywood with its sick and twisted ways is actually famous for its decency and devotion to marriage and family life. 
Yes, there could be a great comedy sitcom about the BBC and the way it handled a paedophile cover up scandal. Should make compulsive viewing.
Jimmy Savile
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