Ed Tells Comrades Tories Failed To Sort Out The Mess In The Economy. That Labour Had Left Behind

Ed Miliband is on a roll
Ed Miliband is on a roll

Adam Lovejoy writes from Manchester: As big Ed Milband was delivering his ‘very personal’ speech yesterday, at the annual Labour party bash, the question most hacks had on their mind was: what’s he on? In case you don’t know this, it’s Cameron’s boys mostly who are spreading rumours that Ed is going from strength to strength, boosting Labour popularity. And the idiots among the Labour supporters are buying this rubbish, along with some scribblers.
The big selling point of Ed’s speech was that after two – yes, two long years of Tory rule the gigantic mess that Labour had left behind got even worse. And the Comrades saw where he was coming from and jumped to their feet cheering wildly. Just like they went nuts when Ed reminded them that unlike the toffs in the current government he graduated from a comprehensive school and learned things the hard way.
labour conference 2012
Labour conference 2012

(More worried faces in the audience as people recollected the way the last Labour government had walked off the scene.) I believe we cannot shrug our shoulders at injustice and just say that is the way the world is, and I believe we can overcome any odds if we come together as people.’ Brave new world of leftie la-la land
Another big story of the day was the news that Alistair Campbell, the once director of communications at Number 10 with a skill for sexing up certain documents was thinking of entering politics as an MP in 2015, due to an overwhelming demand. Who says that Labour are not a down to earth party?

These are just some of the extracts of todays post published on Oct 2nd 2012.  Stirring Trouble Internationally - (A humorous take on news and current affairs).
comrades 3
Comrades 3 (Photo credit: a magic monkey!)

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