Imagine If Mitt Romney Wins The White House On The Strength Of TV Debates. It’s Going To Be John Kennedy All Over

Romney / Obama
Obama and Mitt Romney in the White House
John Alexander writes from Washington: The Obama camp are frantically looking for a solution to the Romney problem. One to one without a teleprompter and the President flounders. So the suggestion is to try to make Obama learn some fancy lines by heart and use them during the next two debates, even if they don’t really fit the format.

Inside the White House officials are trying to find an answer to why the boss had failed so miserably in Denver. One suggestion is that Romney lives at a higher altitude and adjusts more easily to the elevation. Denver is a mile above sea level and that, according to some people, might have played a part in the debate going Romney’s way.Other explanations are weird as well: Obama was too busy to practice for the debate, having all that golf to play, while Romney had all the time in the world and rehearsed his lines hundreds of times.

Romney / Obama

The average punter is not clued up on statistics, trade deficits and sovereign debt. He or she wants to know if their living standards will improve or decline over the next four years.

Romney, trained as a salesman and has a great advantage. Obama has run nothing more impressive than a lemonade stall.

English: President Barack Obama and Secretary ...

The third debate will be in Florida and will concentrate on foreign policy. How many voters will watch the three debates and vote for the winner? 

Some analysts claim that 80 per cent of Americans have already decided whom to vote for. If this is true, Mitt Romney is talking to the undecided. 

Presumably a lot of those who have decided already will not bother to watch the debates. It was striking that 25 per cent of those polled thought that Obama won the first round. Solid Democrats. These are extracts from a post made earlier over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - (A humorous take on news and current affairs). The teleprompter allows the message to cover all these things that the White House needs Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to say.

English: Obama v. Romney line graphs
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney polls.

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