New Albums: Leona Lewis – Glassheart

Leona LewisNew Albums: Leona Lewis – Glassheart

Freddie Matthews writes from London: Glassheart is the third album by former X-Factor UK series 3 winner, the vocal phenomena that is Leona Lewis. Leona has reunited with Ryan Tedder (One Republic, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Far East Movement) as he previously co-wrote and produced two of Leona’s most successful singles, including the 5 million plus seller Bleeding Love from the debut album Spirit and Happy taken from her second album Echo. It’s a proven recipe for success and Leona isn’t taking many chances with album number 3. I could have said ‘any’ but she has been forced to take a few chances.

Leona Lewis used to sing songs about heartbreak but with fellow Brit Adele cornering that market, Leona has been ever so slightly forced to create a shift in her musical direction. A shift to hopefully bring her new fans in the process.

With nods to dubstep and house beats on the title track Glassheart – a backbeat and chilled almost eurobeat that’s dark and edgy on Come Alive. There’s uptempo with the thrilling classic pop beat on Stop The Clocks. The sensitive and emotional I To You as well as quite possibly the standout track on the new album Glassheart which has to be Favourite Scar. This song is outstanding, one listen and you, like me, will be sure you’ve heard this song before…. in actual fact you have, we all have, just think wedding bells and you’ll know what I mean.

Glassheart has something for every one of Leona Lewis’ fans and for many new ones as well. She’s opened the floodgates to new genre comparisons and that can only be a great thing, regardless of still being on Simon Cowell’s record label, SYCO. Yes, The X-Factor was an amazing platform for Leona Lewis but I honestly think we’d still be applauding her success here and now regardless of the show. Her stardom would just have taken a little longer to break but believe me, break it would have. If the major record companies had scouted her left, right and centre she could have been ever bigger but we’ll never actually know.

Leona LewisThis brand new third album by Leona Lewis was originally planned for a 2011 release but Leona herself delayed the album while recording better and more inspirational songs and subsequently replacing the older ones. Now that’s what I call conscientious. Writers were asked to bring dance songs and no ballads. Glassheart is more progressive, electric, uptempo and darker. In Leona’s words the new album is, “energetic, deep and unique.”

Other industry names involved with Glassheart include: Emeli Sande, she wrote with Leona; Naughty Boy; Rodney Jerkins and Fraser T. Smith who was heavily involved with the production process.

Of the album Simon Cowell, Leona’s record label boss, is quoted as saying, “Although there’s been a lengthy wait of two years, I think this new album is sensational, you’ve never sounded better.” It’s not often, or more like never, that I agree with one of the most ruthless men in the music business.

This album may have got off to a very slow start due to all the release delays and despite two years in the making but it’s certainly worth its weight in gold.

Now, at 27 years old, Leona Lewis is certainly back in business. Glassheart is much more club than say Adele’s 21 but Leona and her cast of many needed to progress and they’ve done it in style, simply and convincingly.



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