Streisand Sings Back In Brooklyn. As If She’d Never Said Goodbye

Willie Solomons writes from New York: Until the guy in the bar on E42nd Street told me so, I had forgotten Streisand was 70. Barbra Streisandthree-score and ten? What was he trying to do? Make me feel his age?

Barbra Streisands
He was a session horn player until his lip went. He said he’d been in the cubicle when Streisand recorded I Think It’s Going To Rain Today with Randy Newman on piano. That must have been 1970, he said. It was.

There were special moments that could have only come from this lady. You should have been there to hear her duet with her son by actor Elliot Gould, Jason Gould. How Deep Is The Oceanis not one you’d write at the top of the script for this intimate evening. But it worked. It was an intimate moment. And the kid (he’s 45 for goodness sake) can sing. Why not? The pedigree already.

Barbra Streisand and Jason Gould
If you want to know what the audience really thought, then you should have heard them roar welcome when Streisand broke into As If We Never Said Goodbye. This was Brooklyn returns to Brooklyn. It rarely gets better than that.
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