America On The Edge Of The Fiscal Cliff. Who Will Blink First?

Washington DC
Washington DC (Photo credit: ktylerconk)
America is in a fix. No one wants to resolve it.

R.F.Wilson writes from London who about Yes the United Kingdom and the recent floods. Find out more about Mother Nature and what happened to tens of thousands of British people this Christmas.  in this article you will read some stories of heroism if people who tried to prevent the flooding with sandbags and the support they got from local politicians over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
Get the latest updates about climate change and global warming around the world on the Moon and as far as Mars. Find out more about Mr Barack Obama speeches, some info about a  Nobel Peace Prize laureate and an extra update on how the world is becoming desensitized to natural disasters and grief.
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America (Photo credit: acb)
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In this entry you will get the inside scoop about the  New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and what he said in his press release recently. After this you will discover the three things Washington is talking about at the Oval Office and further afield matched with a recap of the recent elections and what Mitt Romney noticed at the bottom of his tea-cup, whilst local authorities silently struggled throughout 2012. 
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English: Nobel Peace Prize 2009, Barack Obama
English: Nobel Peace Prize 2009,
Barack Obama (Photo -->> credit: Wikipedia) 
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Find out about Barack Obama, London, Mother Nature, Natural disaster, natural disasters, New York, Nobel Peace Prize, Oval Office, United States and the usual suspects when studying the fiscal cliff.
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