New Album Reviews: Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud

Freddie Matthews writes from London New Album Reviews: Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) It’s hard to believe that it was just over 10 years ago that Kelly Clarkson won American Idol in September 2002.

New Album Reviews: Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits  Chapter 1

New Album Reviews: Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits  Chapter 1

In those 10 years she’s sold over 36 million records and two Grammy awards Giveaway: Kelly Clarkson's 'Greatest Hits - Chapter 1′ (popbytes.com). Britain’s Leona Lewis, who is our biggest talent show success, has not achieved one third of Ms Clarkson’s sales.
Kelly Clarkson singing at the first United Day...
Kelly Clarkson singing at the first
United Day of Service on September 11,
 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kelly Clarkson is 'nowhere near' retirement (contactmusic.com) Kelly will release her Greatest Hits chapter 2 and when she’s about to retire at the age of 60 Chapter 10. Anything to boost that pension eh?
Kelly Clarkson performing her 'Hazel Eyes' con...
Kelly Clarkson performing her 'Hazel Eyes'
concert tour - November 10, 2005 - Geelong,
Victoria, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This cd is also available as a deluxe set which is pretty good value for money Kelly Clarkson: I Haven't Changed Since 'American Idol'! (justjared.com) you also get a cd pack of pop hits with three new songs. There’s no denying that any greatest hits collection is a great excuse not to buy the albums leading up to the release.

You can always guarantee you’ll be getting the biggest hits and in this case that couldn’t be more true with songs like: Since U Been Gone; My Life Would Suck Without You; Miss Independent; Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You); Behind These Hazel Eyes; Because Of You; Mr. Know It All etc. etc. etc. This is a sing your heart out, at the top of your voice, in car classic, Kelly Clarkson compilation that you should buy your girlfriend for Christmas.

Girls Aloud - Ten

New Album Reviews: Girls Aloud – Ten

Ten years in the business girls aloud Kelly Clarkson: 'People Like Us' Full Song - Listen Now! (justjared.com)now woman from London.

They won The Rivals in 2002, like Kelly Clarkson, this is Girls Aloud’s first greatest hits compilation Girls Aloud made an announcement about their announcement... (rightsideofthebrian.com) to release The Sound Of Girls Aloud in 2006  pop industry Girls Aloud was thought to not actually last longer than 4 year or more.

 As Girls Aloud 10 is a reflection of the biggest and best hits from the last ten years you can be assured of all their hits including: Sound Of The Underground Girls Aloud debut their new single Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me (thesun.co.uk).

 I’ll Stand By You and The Promise three of their UK number one hits as well as: No Good Advice; Jump; Biology; The Show; Sexy No No No and that list goes on and on and also includes 4 brand new songs of which track 1 Something New announces well and truly that Girls Aloud are back to stay.

 If you want girl pop, with catchy lyrics and hooks galore, then Girls Aloud Ten is a must have: New Album Reviews: Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud (stirringtroubleinternationally.com).