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The Honours’ List is beginning to age badly. Time to retire it.  
The clock tower of Big Ben at dusk. The north end of the Houses of Parliament London, with The London Eye in the backgound. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Felicity Bushmill has made an interesting argument for re examining Knighthood in London, the catalyst for this is the issuing of OBE's to the likes of Jimmy Savile. 
Felicity takes a good old look at this years New Year’s Honours and the predictions listed for 2013 Contrastingly Felicity also examines the Queens Birthday Honours and the type of people considered for these honours, suggestions, and submissions. 
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United Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Then Felicity puts light on the results of the 2012 Olympics, the Team GB in the London Olympics, Olympic medallions, book deals and now knighthoods? 
Felicity does many things to construct her case for example you will find out about "Sir Wiggo" in France and how he tapped into the system through friends in pretty high places. 
From all this I am sure you will be a lot wiser about the subject than before you started reading it. 
Cherie Blair Find out three important reasons why Cherie Blair was given a CBE for her charity work. Find out about Tracy Emin  and her amazing squiggles art and how that landed her a position as professor of drawing at the Royal Academy
Other case study examples include Bernard Hogan-Howe commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the case of the Plod-Gate affair and Dame Ursula Brennan Secretary at the Defence Ministry  MOD. 
You will also get great inside information about the United Kingdom and a list of discredited OBE s. 
Time to find out more about why we should here in the UK bin the Queen’s Medal and Knighthoods and find out why the recent  news about Jimmy Savile keeps these people up at night worrying about is this sort of thing still necessary.
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English: Facade of the main entrance of the Royal Academy of Arts in London; the exhibition «Watteau: The Drawings» at (12 March—5 June 2011) Français : Façade de l'entrée principale de la Royal Academy of Arts à Londres ; l'exposition «Watteau: Les Esquisses» (12 Mars 2011—5 Juin 2011) Русский: Фасад главного входа Королевской академии художеств в Лондоне; выставка «Ватто: графика» (12 марта—5 июня 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Arise Sir Bradley: Wiggins receives knighthood in New Year Honours (standard.co.uk)
    Jim Bob's insight:
    This entry is a satirical rant of life in the UK which makes a jolly good query of the Queens medals and offered knighthoods. The case is constructed from recent examples for example Bernard Hogan-Howe, Cherie Blair, Jimmy Savile, London, Order of the British Empire, Queens Birthday Honours, Royal Academy and Ursula Brennan. Go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to find out more.
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