Cheques Or F-16 Fuel Tanks And The White House

too expensiveJan Weatherhead writes from Washington: in her article you can find out about the  Pentagon and the Christmas updates there and get a humorous understanding of what those updates may have been had Mitt Romney won the elections way back in November. Go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and read now the full report.

American food stampsFind out a least five things most people in the United States agree times about during these hard times. Also a quick recap on the pay-day loan and some ongoing jokes Republicans have about tax increases.

If you would like to get a better understanding of Pentagon spending them this post maybe for you, or you are curious about how the budget has already been spent before it arrives then go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Cut backs, cut back spending and the price of paying for public speakers
House, Houston, Texas (LOC)
House, Houston, Texas (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress) 

Have you ever asked yourself why House Speakers get paid so much money? For example Jan Weatherhead mentions the Republican John Boehner’s.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R)
House Minority Leader John Boehner (R) (Photo credit: Wiki)
  • Find out how the The White House due to cutting spending have sacrificed champagne for speakers and find out this is all wrong and leaving everyone including you out-of-pocket.
  • Find out why rich politicians are just a blinded by the truth as you or me.
  • Find out why speakers promise results but all speak the same information available on-line.
  • Find out why this does not apply to break people and hopefully find out how broke people are better of because of this than what they were before this recession ever started.
Ministry of Defence MoD Main Building, London
Ministry of Defence MoD Main Building,
London (Photo credit: Defence Images)

You will also find out more about Defence Department estimations and expenditures before during and after debates, polls, wars and threats, so you can understand why things are so expensive: White House prepares for 'devastating' defence cuts (thetimes.co.uk). Understanding your security in your country Sources: Boehner Caves On Taxes For Wealthiest Americans (huffingtonpost.com) is one way of coming to terms with the rising prices happening all over the world and the rise in fuel and taxes.

Michele Flournoy, Doug Wilson & Dr Colin Kahl:...
Michele Flournoy, Doug Wilson & Dr Colin Kahl:
The Politics of National Security - Inside Politics with
Bill Schneider - September 2012 (Photo credit: Third Way)

And find out why the same people who approve of war are the first to remind you of the recession, and not admit the cost of war is far too much for countries with large amounts of debt. Understand this you and your family have not done anything wrong Boehner Sends 'Fiscal Cliff' Counter offer To White House (npr.org) and there are ways to ensure you can make ends meet, there are places where food cheques can keep food on the table.

English: Photo of House Speaker John Boehner a...
English: Photo of House Speaker John Boehner
and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
presenting a flag flown over the Capitol
to House Chaplain Fr. Dan Coughlin in recognition
of his 11 years of service through his
retirement April 14, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are in the Airforce again there are plenty of places you can refuel your fuel tanks, you just have to know your way around the White House website and check regularly the updates on Facebook. Source: Food Cheques Or F-16 Fuel Tanks. The Price Is About The Same And It’s Time Congress And The White House Decided Which One Flies.

3 January 2012
3 January 2012 (Photo credit: StewC)