Coverage Of The Royal Prank Phone Call Turned Into A Total Farce

English: North Block Delhi
English: North Block Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anton Goryunov reports from New Delhi, the death of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha who has been finally laid to rest in her native town of Shirva, in India, having committed suicide after falling for that prank phone call by two Australian DJs.

When they talk of Delhi, no one mentions Yamun...
When they talk of Delhi, no one mentions Yamuna ! She's like the pretty maid who's
been serving for years but is never considered part of the family. Walk on her
banks and you may hit on many beautiful moments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles here is a link to a post made earlier this week Prank Call To Hospital Get A Grip Nurse in Royal Prank Left 3 Suicide Notes. In case you have been living in a box she was found hanged at King Edward the VII’th Hospital after taking the hoax call. This was the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was treated for acute morning sickness.

Find out more of these tragic circumstances and get further details on Anton's opinions about these chain of events and the death of Saldahna, click here!

In todays article Anton points out that the British media covered the funeral and mentions that half of India is very upset about her death, you can find out why by reading the main article.

Hacks losing itThe burial of Nurse Saldanha was televised on UK television and recently the London Metropolitan Police announced they are investigating the death of Ms Saldanha with a full and fair investigation.

Anton Goryunov takes a look at this and shares his thoughts and feelings on the whole matter, you can find out more by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally Source:  Coverage Of The Royal Prank Phone Call Turned Into A Total Farce (stirringtroubleinternationally.com).