Xi Jinping Has Tuned Into Public Outrage At The Levels Of Official Corruption. Keep It Private Is The New Slogan

Gu Suhua writes from Beijing: Xi Jinping Profile (voanews.com) first speech after becoming China’s paramount leader has sent shivers down the backs of Chinese officials. He told them he was watching them.

No, not for ideological deviation. It concerns their lifestyle. Out go vast arrays of flowers, decorations, lavish banquets and spending on vanity projects. Xi Jinping takes helm of China amid reform calls (hosted.ap.org) So we can look forward to teams arriving from Beijing to look at local spending on such things as celebrating the Chinese New Year, Mao’s birthday, the anniversary of communist power on October 1 and the founding of the Communist Party of China. The list is endless. Then there are the local festivals.

The mayor of Lanzhou, in Gansu province – one of the poorest in the Middle Kingdom – was observed wearing a watch that would set you back £20,000 at any jeweller’s shop. How on earth could he afford such luxury? He must be on the make. Of course, he might say that it was a present from his son in Australia who had stumbled on a goldmine there The secret story behind Xi Jinping's disappearance, finally revealed? (washingtonpost.com). So Xi Jinping can attend meetings, speak but not vote. Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Meets Officers of Military Nuclear Unit (nytimes.com) the first rung on the ladder of power in the Party. New era for China as Xi Jinping steps forward as leader - ABC Online (abc.net.au) why pick on Li? One suggestion is that he is a victim of the fallout involving Bo Xilai ex Party secretary of Chongqing.
Taking a look at Transparency International rubbed salt into Chinese wounds in the list of the world’s least corrupt states Signs of Anti-Corruption Effort in China, But Destination Unclear (theepochtimes.com) Beijing only scored 39 out of a hundred. George Papandreou had to deny allegations that his mother has 500,000,000 euros in a Swiss bank account. What Do We Know About Xi Jinping? (on.aol.com) Xi Jinping said that: domestic demand will be stimulated; bank loans made more difficult to come by to buy property; and small businesses will be helped to grow. Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) Xi Jinping Has Tuned Into Public Outrage At The Levels Of Official Corruption. Keep It Private Is The New Slogan, you can read an earlier post on this subject here Xi Jinping Is The New Emperor Of China. But Has He Any Clothes On? (stirringtrouble.wordpress.com). Follow Me on Pinterest