Right To Vote Has Long Ago Lost All Meaning. Once Choice And Quality Were Taken Out Of The Process

Right To Vote Has Long Ago Lost All Meaning. Once Choice And Quality Were Taken Out Of The Process

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about the right to vote at the age of 18, a reflection about the constitution and the pride involved in voting. You can read an earlier related post here on Stirring Trouble Around the World at By-Elections In Britain Better Voting System (stirringtrouble.wordpress.com).
Right To Vote Has Long Ago Lost All Meaning. Once Choice And Quality Were Taken Out Of The Process.
English: Passing of the Parliament Bill in the...
English: Passing of the Parliament Bill in the House of Lords, 1911. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Find out a handful of constructive opinions about why voters don’t really have a great choice and get an in-valuation of the options when voting, this is a satirical post with valid points about why the three parties in the UK are reading from the same hymn sheet and because of this why votes may mean nothing, in effect making voters powerless to actually have any say in what goes on in the United Kingdom.

By taking a look at Parliament and what is happening around the world as you will figure out this sort of thing is by no means unusual, however there are some great tips on how to spot what is going on in your own country, therefore making you more awake and one step ahead of your fellow voting citizens. If you are a new voter then you will get a light hearted satirical incite in Politics from Conservative, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

If this is for you then take action and go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.  ) Find out about the seats and positions inside the Houses of Parliament, if you have ever asked yourself about the back benches and front benches and what they are, perhaps your curious about Liberal Democrats and the merger with labour, perhaps your concerned about the influence of the left and intrigued to know more about what this means then this post is for you.

Adam Lovejoy has a good understanding of the government, parliament, and identifying left-wing loonies that exist all around the world who he says throughout his posts that they unknowingly create more of a mess than they realise.

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by liberal trash who talk endlessly about House of Lords unelected ministers, supposed representatives of democracy, then this is for you. If you are drawn to small groups of politicians who run political parties, and have a nostalgic curiosity for Tony Blair in conjunction with what David Cameron likes again this post is for you.
Suffragettes - Labor Day '13 (LOC)
Suffragettes - Labor Day '13 (LOC)
(Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

If you lack common and have problems with gender or race, this might not be for you although it would be good if you could turn this around and the fact that you are here reading this says that you are not that way so please do not be hard on yourself, we do live in an age of pressure and confusion.

BRITAIN ST. (Photo credit: Marc Falardeau)
Outside of Britain if you live in North Korea and have a good understanding of the military influence involved in Politics you might want to leave some comments and join in the conversation to find out more, empower yourself into you knowing then again this could well be something you want to check out. Basically this post as far as British politics go is a good place to start you searching.

United Kingdom: stamp
United Kingdom: stamp
(Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

English: Composition of the Isle of Wight Coun...
English: Composition of the Isle of Wight Council after the
 2009 election. Blue = Conservatives Gray
 = Independent Yellow = Liberal Democrats Red
= Labour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The summary of this article is about taxes, around the world we all pay taxes The colour of money (hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com) and as you will find out taxes are about trusting the money to be used wisely to make your country better, the thing is if the money is not being used wisely its common sense to be aware of these things.

That said a lot of the future methods criticised and put forward Ichabod - The Real Message of the 2012 Elections (bobpeck.wordpress.com) are often outside of knowing about the reasons why, getting a good background of previous experience and transforming into satirical rants is one way of improving your understanding of what goes where after all its your contributions that will help create the real future change.

If you are noticing that the right of vote is losing its meaning then take action and check out Adam Lovejoy, listen to what he has to say, but please take things with a pinch of salt afterall the whole exercise is to create humour from these situations, when you are laughing you are learning.  Right To Vote  UKIP's now a shelter for politically homeless, disenchanted abandon Tories and Labour (dailymail.co.uk).