Let's Be Cynical - Looking Back At The Arab Spring. The Islamists Sure Pulled A Fast One With That Democracy Talk | Stirring Trouble Internationally - Ben Delicious

Syria fightingBen Delicious writes from Cairo about Tunisia, the Arab Spring, Islam and democracy and particularly the latest news from Islam in the Middle East and North Africa. In this article you will discover the bluff that has happened there in relation to the Arab Spring about democracy and the promises made but never actually honoured. Ben Delicious takes time out his busy day to write about Western governments and explains what fundamentalists do who are pro-Western and what they say about leaders in power. You will also find out seven secret things to do when in the Middle East and North Africa and in doing so you will know and understand military regimes and how they operate in each country. You will also be told about the history so when you meet these people you will be able to understand where they are coming from and from whom they serve.  An additional tip about this post to look out for is the history of Sharia law, find out all about this and how it can help you in your travels around the world, or in your quest for knowledge about culture, religion and global democracy, what works today and why in some regions this kind of information can save you from a lot of difficulty and embarrassment. But also help you spot shenanigans when you see them. Tap into the resources compiled in Libya, you will find Ben Delicious talking about banking methods and transactional methods done in these areas that have made them as rich as what they are. You will get a better understanding of regimes and the special things that the United Nations are looking out for in their own quest for world international peace.

We have covered some sceptical views about the recent awards at the  Nobel Peace Prize so read along, my hope is that next years awards will be awarded to the right people. Nominations mean prizes, I could be you so have a read and see what you can do.

Muslim Brotherhood You will also read more about the  Muslim Brotherhood  now as you regular readers will know we have covered this subject as accurately as possible. We have kept you up to date with what  President Morsi is saying to fellow Egyptians as the rest of the world has watched this unfold, Ben has been very instrumental in this topic. If you have any family in  Israel or thinking about travelling from America to Israel, are a politician or have family who are politicians this type of thing might just be the kind of blog you want to subscribe to. You can subscribe to Stirring Trouble Internationally quite easily, simply follow the link and add your email address. Finally the main point of todays post in my opinion seems to be about Tunisia and the difficulties they have overcome with Islam and followers of the Koran. Growing concerns are showing around the world about threats of Civil war find out how religious leaders are biting there tongue and accepting world peace and as we come close to 2013 my hope is this peace will happen in the  Middle East and the people who have a say about the development worldwide of democracy sort something out to lighten the feuds and make the world a much nicer place to live in read more over on www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com.