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Bradley WigginsAdam Writes about the Olympic Games, the mascots, the cost of such an event, the terrible mascots and emblems and other criticisms of Olympics 2012. In this humorous satirical rant you will find out constructive points about the aftermath of having an Olympics, find out more about Greece and the Olympics in Germany around the time of World War II. Adam Lovejoy writes from London specifically as a build up to the  Queens New Year’s Honours List at takes an overt look at sports celebrities receiving knighthoods, such as he takes a good look at  Bradley Wiggins a cyclist who got a knighthood for his gold victories. If you remember Adam Lovejoy is the one who covered the London Olympics ceremony a few months ago. Again here he looks at Your Majesty the Queens part in the ceremony and find out more about James Bond, Daniel Craig, parachuting and Polish plumbers. You may remember the Adam Lovejoy review of Danny Boyle ritual and in today's post he takes it another stage further as we come to the closing of 2012. If you watched the Olympics and found things you did not like about it then I am sure you will really love this humorous rant.
The Hype Around The London Olympics Continues. To Sooth The Shock When Their Cost Is Revealed Soon
Queen Christmas speech 2012Just to help you catch up if this means nothing to you Adam Lovejoy was the first person to point out the opening the Olympics was nothing more than an ancient pagan ritual, practised for years and years around the world by various heathens, Pagans and members of the aristocracy. He takes this all one step further by drawing his gags from failed dictators like Adolf Hitler , Soviet and Chinese communists of the past to query why this sort of thing still happens today. Adam also earmarks David Cameron who is standing up for the Olympics and the happiness it brought everyone all over the world. Find out more and find out all about who benefits from Olympic rituals over on Stirring. if you have ever gone to an olympics then gone home with no money or spent the start of the new year broke due to overspending then you will really like this post.
The Hype Around The London Olympics Continues. To Sooth The Shock When Their Cost Is Revealed Soon

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