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Why don’t a band like Green Day know when it’s time to stop releasing new material? iTre! is quite possibly their worst album yet.
GREEN DAY (Photo credit: Sister72)
English: Billie Joe in 1994 Español: Billie Jo...
English: Billie Joe in 1994
 Español: Billie Joe en
1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Freddie Matthews writes from London iTre! Is the final part of the Green Day 2012 trilogy of albums, namely the uninspiring iUno!, I find it unbelievable that a band who, at the Green Day obviously dont think so.
Green Day
  Green Day (Photo credit: EmpyreLounge.com)
Mike Dirnt, musician, primarily of Green Day. ... Green Day sold 16 million copies of  Dookie album.

Then a whole decade later American Idiot sold over 14 million copies. An album of American bravado  Green Day’s lowest ever selling album, which was funnily enough their last, 2009’s, 21 Century Breakdown.

Mike Dirnt, musician, primarily of Green Day. Photograph was taken in Cardiff during the American Idiot tour, using a Casio QV-R40 35mm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) production by Rob Cavallo, on this and the whole album, is desperately seeking new ideas and talent from the band who have long grown out of favour. Green Day  Billy Joe, in your 40’s helping their cause. Get some interesting and humorous critisms of songs like Basket Case, Minority, American Idiot and Wake Me Up When September Comes  and much much more.
iTre! New Album Review: Green Day – iTre!
Basket Case (song)
Basket Case (song)
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Jim Bob's insight:
A humorous review of Green Day their recent instalments and reflection of their previous greatest hits. Where they were where they have been and where they are at today. Find out some interesting things about their albums, American Idiot, Basket Case and other singles. Get the latest about Billie Joe Armstrong, Billy Joe, Green Day  and the album review of iTre! from London in the category Music, Musical ensemble and finally find out a little bit more about Rob Cavallo.
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