North Korea News Leap Towards The Devastation Of Mankind

G K Salmuson writes from Washington: North Korea has shown two fingers to the United Nations and NATO and successfully launched a long-range ballistic rocket. North Korea | news and current affairs (stirringtrouble.wordpress.com).
North Korean rocket launch
No Warhead on this.
The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said the launch and flight constituted  ‘a clear violation of the UN resolution’ passed in June 2009 . The fact that any country in the world can ignore any UN resolution is pretty good. Since 2003 invasion of Iraq in Pyongyang there have been issues and challenges. See on Scoop.it - Twitter Hashtags
North Korea has a rocket. Next step a nuclear warhead.
Jim Bob's insight:
Space exploration in the East is really taking of as scientists outsource there skills to pay of debts. In this article you will find out the financial benefits of rockets.
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North Korea
North Korea Shipping Port
Atlantic Alliance sort out the tensions and do there best not to create any tension in the harmonious Korean Peninsula. As you will find out the pressure from NATO is all about money.
Soviet Union launched Sputnik so North Korea also launched a space rocket back between the late 60's and early 70's.
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Security Council (Photo credit: Amit Chattopadhyay)

The five  members of the UN Security Council – have no power other than to doodle paper tigers.

Kim Jong Un and his wife

Its state-run Xinhua news agency UN Security Council, South Korea, North Korean nuclear weapons programme is advanced – which as yet, it is not.

Missile launch in July 5th, 2006 by North Kore...
Missile launch in July 5th, 2006 by North Korea. Blue area means where the Taepodong
seems to have impacted on Sea of Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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