Hugo Chávez Is On The Sick List Again. So Will Cancer Take Him Out Of Politics This Time?

Today's post is about Cuba - Venezuela - Hugo Chávez and a sprinkle of nostalgia about the Bolivian Revolution and Fidel Castro. If you are interested in a historical List of Presidents of Venezuela and curious about who Nicolás Maduro is and need to know more about the Vice President of the United States and what relationships exist between Caracas South America and North America then you at the right place, take action by reading this post very carefully your about to learn 3 things that can take you from a to b, from where you are now to where you want to be and that b is Cuba.
"Ben Delicious writes is in Caracas right now and has compiled his understanding of a comprehensive recent report from a colleague at the ITAR-TASS press agency, Sergei Sereda, who had informed us a couple of days ago that the health of President Hugo Chávez was a hot subject in Venezuela, bolstered by the revelation that he nipped off to Cuba for a medical check-up and some fancy ‘hyperbaric oxygen therapy’. Source: Hugo Chávez Is On The Sick List Again. So Will Cancer Take Him Out Of Politics This Time?" (stirringtroubleinternationally.com).
President Chavez says he's got cancer
President Chavez in Venezuela
President Chávez ‘s two operations on in Cuba, in June 2011 and in February 2012, read more about cancer recovery and how this effects a Presidents presidency by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally Hugo Chávez announces (guardian.co.uk).

Did you know Hugo has a loyal sidekick, Vice President Nicolas Maduro,  find out what he is saying about the Cuban President and find out the truth about Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's health.

Mr Chávez  the Venezuelan President for health reasons may have to make dramatic changes in his role with Venezeula,, again take action now by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to find out who might take his place.

Hugo Chavez, Bird Lover
Hugo Chavez, Bird Lover
(Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
You can also find out more background on the historical Bolivarian Revolution and what you can do today to get involved and join in the conversation online.

Find out five good reasons why Cuba is the place to be right now Venezuela's Chavez plans surgery (foxnews.com) and what you can do to measure your own countries medical bills and compare them to citizens of Cuba, find this out and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Take a look at the sites in Cuba and find out more about Fidel Castro, and where to visit when travelling around the world to Havana, and three hot topics right now you can talk about when in Cuba to Cubans. Join in the cultural conversation and get abetter understanding of the cultural revolution that started out in South America, find the top ten books that will engage you in the conversation and expand your understanding of a subject taught in universities across the country.

Serious commentators with fancy titles are bracing themselves for some serious analysis of the situation in Venezuela, in case Mr Chávez disappears from the political scene. The bolder ones are predicting the end of his revolution if he goes. But more sceptical ones are pointing to Cuba, where Mr Castro is half-dead already, and saying that his kid brother Raul is handling the situation swimmingly. So there is a chance that the revolution in Venezuela will survive. Especially as Mr Chávez also has a brother who is keen to have a go at the presidency – or so some people say.

Hugo Chávez en CNN World
World Bank and IMF Hugo Chávez
en CNN World (Photo credit: lubrio)

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