What’s The Royal Fuss? Wills’s and Kate’s Baby Will Never Be British Monarchy Anyway – No One Will Be. Just Do The Maths.

William and Kate babyFelicity Bushmill writes from London: It was announced Tuesday evening that the British government is to push through a Succession to the Crown Bill as soon as possible.

Joyful News this will make certain that the first born of the Royal Wills and Kate will be in line to become monarch whatever the baby’s sex William and Kate's child, boy or girl, has eventual claim to throne (enterprisenews.com).
There’s every sign the Queen will be there for a decade. But that is not the important common number. The key is Prince Charles and Prince William. Charles Philip Arthur George was born on the 14 November 1948.

Then comes, William, Arthur, Philip, Louis, born 21 June 1982, so by the estimated succession date, he will be 60.  His heir may not get to the throne until 2072 Kate's baby will probably reign -- someday (cnn.com).

A satirical article from the Guardian mentions that its a Pity this royal baby, its future a public obstacle course (guardian.co.uk) which is far sited but worth reading anyway. Does anyone seriously think that Britain will still be a constitutional monarchy in about half a century from now?

End of the royal family
Britain will be very much part of the United Sates of Europe. Euan Blair elected President of Europe and most of the young royals. The British monarch is head of the state established Church of England.  

Imagine the row if a Catholic were to become King or Queen. Ffuture royals Prince Michael of Kent when he married the Roman Catholic Princess Michael -a.k.a. Princess Pushy is one of the really nice members of the Buckingham Palace.

Let us consider an even bigger possibility that may turn up as a result of this new Bill and this is propped up by the news over on the Express that a Royal baby girl will be Queen (express.co.uk) again.

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