How Come There’s No Procedure To Recall Politicians Who Fail Their Job | Stirring Trouble Internationally - Adam Lovejoy

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about spin in the EU news and closer to home.He also has a good look at the war in Iraq, George Bush and Tony Blair and incompetent leaders positions of power.
Adam uses life in UK for political leader to express his opinions about TV and news, this is filed under angry rants. See on Scoop.it - News From Stirring Trouble Internationally
Removing politicians should be made easy. To spare us all the hassle.
Bush and Blair
Jim Bob's insight:
In this post you can find out about Boris Johnson, Brussels, European Union, jobs, Ken Livingstone, London, London Underground, Politician, politicians and Tony Blair.
See on www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com He takes a good look at the get rich quick schemes so you do not have to yourself. And goes through a long list of Mayors of London Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson and compares that as a way of knowing how we have the  London Underground you see today.
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