Imagine If A Group Of Tory Supporting Cops Brought Down A Labour Politician. The Tremors Would Last For Months

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Looking at plebgate and concluding that all hell would have broken lose if it was a Labour politician who was framed by the cops. 
Life in the UK an interesting article by Ted Obvious from London about the pleb article about Tory supporting cops bringing down a Labour politician more commonly known as plebgate. The commotion reports Tories cussing and swearing at the police.
Find out more about the suspicious minds of the BBC and other mainstream leftist media about ‘right-wing conspiracy’ theories about the Chief Whip minister Andrew Mitchell, and the reported information from Cops who leaked some false information to British news.

When that plebgate row erupted, with the cops who guard 10 Downing Street accusing him of calling them plebs and morons. This all happened allegedly outside 10 downing Street by the gates of Whitehall.
Ted Obvious draws his information from The Sun newspaper. He also notes that no real evidence was recorded to support the allegations of swearing, nothing showed up on CCTV camera and the off duty police officers statement again has been much ado about nothing.

In Victoria Scotland Yard are currently investigating conspiracy Theories about the word pleb filed by an overweight of duty police officer. And to top it all Labour says it approves these investigations so say Ted Obvious. You can read the article in full by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
Miss United Kingdom with Ice Cream
Miss United Kingdom with Ice Cream
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Jim Bob's insight:
Ted obvious gets the bottom of recent reports about Life In the UK related to Andrew Mitchell, BBC, Chief Whip, Downing Street, entertainment, Labour, Media, News, pleb, plebgate, Sun, Tories and a Tory.
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