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Samuel Marshall writes from Frankfurt about Angela Merkel, the European Union and the German word for Fűhrerin and a phone call from José Manuel Barroso and other Eurocrats from Brussels.
Find out more about the German general election and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) alliance. Also find out about the CDU and the Social Democratic Party (SPD). IOUs and the EU is something that Samuel speaks about in relation to Angela Merkel, the Euro zone and the SPD. Find out what all these acronyms stand for and get the latest news about austerity, Greece, Spain and the  EU hospital.
Spanish protests
An additional bonus you will find out about Mari Draghi European Central Bank (ECB).
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Germany wants to avoid any hard decisions about the Eurozone before next year’s general election. It may be a vain hope.
Jim Bob's insight:
Jyrki Katainen, José Manuel Barroso and Angela... Jyrki Katainen, José Manuel Barroso and Angela Merkel. In this entry you can find out all about Angela Merkel, Brussels, CDU, Christian.
Democratic Union, EU, European Central Bank, European Union, Germany and José Manuel Barroso.
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