Telling Atheists That It’s Not A Good Idea To Upset The Almighty

See on StirringTroubleInternationally.com - News From Stirring Trouble Internationally. A good message to people who don't believe in God. Tough luck.

R.F.Wilson writes from Rome about Christmas and reinforces his belief and many others that God exists and challenges scientific news about DNA in humans and animals, intellectually, spiritually and physically.
Charles DarwinTake a good look today at Charles Darwin, the evolution myth and Dick Dawkins opinion about science and fictions over on Stirring Trouble Internationally where you can join in the conversation.

My hope is that you can learn from ex leaders who liked and followed the God Pol Pot? Telling Atheists That It’s Not A Good Idea To Upset The Almighty.
Pol Pot
Pol Pot (Photo credit: Natmandu)

Jim Bob's insight:
Today Christmas post is from Henry Forth and his point of view about religion and surrounding topics. Some of the topics include Africa, Charles Darwin, Christmas, DNA, Existence of God, God, Objections to evolution, Pol Pot, Religion and Spirituality, Richard Dawkins and naturally Rome.
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