Dave Turns All Religious All Of A Sudden. Now Why Would That Be?

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 David Cameron preaches the Christian message all of a sudden. Tony Blair would be proud of him.R.F.Wilson reports from London takes a good look at religion, the bible and actions and not words from politicians in the UK.

English: US President Barack Obama and UK Prim...In this article Mr Wilson takes a look at some of the most recent speeches from George Bush, to Tony Blair and most recently Prime Minister David Cameron and his Christmas message at the end of 2012, particularly the part about Christ and quoting the Gospel by St John.

You can fin out more about religion and the Prince of Peace by reading todays article. In this article you will find the Top three religions right now and find out more about preaching and preachers who are not preachers but have a good go.

If you are a political agent then you will find out in relation to this topic all about Mr Cameron and his popularity right now in the UK and his views about the gospel.

You will also read a little bit about the Tory party lost member to UK Independence Party and find out more about how being a born again Christian could potentially help people from losing their jobs.

 In this satirical message find out more about President Barack Obama, his knowledge of Christianity and  the Bible and get updates about the new Tower of Bable here in the UK more commonly known as the European Union.
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Jim Bob's insight:
In this cynical article Mr Wilson raises some interesting questions about David Cameron and the European Union and his recent quote about the Prince of Peace. You can also find out more about Tony Blair and his contributions to religion. Find out the top three religions for the Tory party and find out why the UK Independence Party have made a big splash in the news this December. And finally he exemplifies his point by choosing Barack Obama to question what do politicians really know about the bible in reaction to the Cameron speach about  Christ two days ago.
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