Asking: How Come The Chilcot Inquiry Has Not Yet Delivered Its Long-Awaited Report?

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How come the Chilcot inquiry into the war in Iraq has not yet produced its report?Ben Delicious reports from London about the British political establishment and asks questions about the Chilcot inquiry, war in IraqTony Blair and George Bush and the relationships between the US and Britain. 

Tony Blair and David CameronSir John Chilcot and PM Cameron and the Andy Coulson case is also included in the questions he asks over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
Find out about Stirring Trouble secretary Lucy and the joke about the telephone call to 10 Downing Street about the Chilcot report and find out more about the MPs opinion and liberal democracy.
Jim Bob's insight:
This article mentions some new stuff mentioned recently about Andy Coulson, Chilcot Inquiry, David Cameron, George Bush, Iraq, Iraq Inquiry, Iraq War, John Chilcot, London and Tony Blair.
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