New Album Review: Neil Diamond – The Very Best Of (The Original Studio Recordings)

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond
Neil Leslie Diamond Brooklyn born started out singing folk in a band called The Roadrunners and stayed with that for two years part time whilst studying medicine in the USA.

Thanks to Columbia Records in 1962 he got some record deals with another band and after a bit of a struggle for success with various musicians he got a hit with a song called "Sunday And Me." 

He is a great writer and had more success there Elvis Presley, Lulu, Deep Purple, a track on the The Monkees TV show.

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New Album Review: Neil Diamond – The Very Best Of (The Original Studio Recordings)
Freddie Mathews insight:
"Freddie Matthews writes from London: There aren’t many legends left in the music industry these days but one musical genius who does remain is Neil Diamond."
In 1966 he changed record deals and released a single called "Solitary Man" the single did not sell until four years later as a rerelease that only reached no 21 in the top 40 American charts and amazingly for the next seventeen years he released songs which all reached the top 40 every year.

Diamond's biggest hit is a duet he did with Barbra Streisand. Back in 2009 at this time of year he released an album called Cherry Cherry Christmas and is now classed as a rock musician rather than folk music which is less popular in mainstream music.

He also did a lot for Scott Joplin the Entertainer and has a film about his life called The Jazz Singer, you can see all this in a film about his life story released a few years ago under the same name title. He has also been voted the 30th most popular musician of all time on American Billboards.

A positive interpretation of the history of immigration to the United States, and lyrics speak volumes for American patriotism. In Ireland Cork in March earlier this year he performed alongside the amazing Bon Jovi at the Corke Park rugby stadium which is said to hold over 90,000 people.

There have been some memes on the Internet over the past couple of months asking about the song Sweet Caroline, asking who she was and what this song is about. Some interesting songs that may answer this question is Rust Never Sleeps.

Tucson Mail Sunday flash mob sweet Caroline Youtube video

  "The Very Best Of is Neil Diamond’s first ever 1 single CD career-spanning anthology of works."
Neil Diamond – The Very Best Of (The Original Studio Recordings)New Album Review: Neil Diamond – The Very Best Of (The Original Studio Recordings)
Freddie Mathews insight:
"Neil Diamond’s classics and there’s nothing better vocally than Diamond’s silky smooth Love On The Rocks, which did you know was originally written as ‘Scotch On The Rocks’?"
Freddie Mathews insight:
"The only negatives for me are the version of I’m A Believer, despite the fact that he actually wrote this song in 1966, I’m just too used to the version by The Monkees. The same can be said of Red Red Wine. Yes again I know that Diamond wrote this song in 1968 but as far as I’m concerned I’m far more familiar with the 1984 UB40 hit. Maybe that’s just an age thing?