Asking: What Is It Exactly That Mario Monti Had Done For The Italian Economy?

What has Mario Monti done for the Italian economy? Pretty much nothing.Ben Delicious asks some interesting questions about Mario Monti and the Italian economyEU Commissioner appointed by Brussels and Berlin last year. Find out more about  IMFGermany and find a refreshing guide about austerity. Find out more about recession in Italy and find out other historically failed advice from Berlin for example Adolf Hitler and federal Europe info given from Berlin. This is an entertaining read if anything.
You will also get reactions about the return of Silvio Berlusconi , find out more about Eurocrats and other interesting dates happening in and around Europe.
Jim Bob's insight:
Silvio Berlusconi
Get the scoop from Rome about the EU commissioner Italy's most recent Prime Minister who for 13 months has helped Italy with its economic decisions for austerity. 

Find out why he has stood down. Berlusconi is also mentioned a new campaign is on its way to help Italy continue moving forward. Find out how his campaigns for re election might create doubt for Germany and other EU countries. You will also get some insight into strategic plans happening in Berlin.
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