The Week In British Music - 30 December 2012

Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne, flanked by Philadelphia police ...
Today Freddie Matthews gives an interesting overview of music to look out for this year, I mean next year its just one day to go, when all the celebrations begin. If you are interested in the  UK Christmas Number 1 singles, music in general, charity and sport then you will like this article. Find out all about Ozzy Obsbourne's tour of his homeland and find out which football team he supports. 

AdeleGet the inside scoop about the attitudes of people around the country about the media ever since the   Hillsborough disaster and find out more about why Paul McCartney and  The La’s are so popular this time of year. Get the inside scoop about Paloma Faith and  The Spice Girls to understand the importance and diversity in this country for celebrities. Freddie Mathews manages to capture some really important things about pop music and rock music that are really good. Find out how pop musicians are very good at raising money for charity even during a recession and get the inside scoop about all your favourite pop stars.
Down to Earth (Ozzy Osbourne album)
You will also find out some secret information in relation to pop music, airports, culture in Britain. Find out why airports are named after famous pop musicians and why Birmingham is excited about  Ozzy Osbourne arrival to local Birmingham Airport. Find out more about Liverpool and how they are leading the way in this train of thought, you will also find out a little bit more about the  John Lennon Airport , the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the importance of watching live bands play music. Find out in general what Britain likes in Entertainment and if you are interested in what it means to be British and watch British television then you will also want to know all about Sir David Attenborough. Find out why all these things and all these people and all this music is really helping Britain be a popular place, that creates amazing musicians and how you can be just like the UK by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally. Related articles