Egypt Is Heading For Chaos. Is There A General In The Wings Waiting To Intervene?

Mehmet Ali writes from Cairo about the chaos in Egypt and the wings of Mohamed ElBaradei and protests near Tahrir Square and the International Atomic Energy Agency with snippets and references to Hosni Mubarak, Morsi in Cairo and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ali starts by noticing the Egyptian capital is a boiling pot. There are thousands of protesters Violence erupts outside Egypt presidential palace (news.yahoo.com) on the streets, some camped in Tahrir Square, and clashes between Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters and the opposition break out regularly.
anti-Morsi protesters message: go away!
MB followers have torn down opposition tents outside the Presidential Palace and forced many to flee. The palace was surrounded on Tuesday night and President Morsi had to leave under the protection of a police convoy.

On Wednesday the mood and situation changed. The police are now trying to keep the two sides apart. Meanwhile a new leader of the opposition has emerged. He is Mohamed El Baradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency - see here ElBaradei warns of Egypt turmoil from Morsi decree (dailystar.com.lb).
Morsi supporters clash with protesters outside presidential palace in Cairo (guardian.co.uk) some of the fighting appears to be provoked by the Ultras, extreme football fans.
El Baradei has demanded that the decree granting Morsi supreme power be rescinded and the referendum on 15 December on the new constitution postponed ElBaradei: constitution will go into the "dustbin of history" (dailynewsegypt.com).
Will that bother the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the Salafists? Not a bit. They state that the judges were appointed under Mubarak and are therefore unfit to serve.
Muslim bortherhood supporters
So let’s assume that Egypt goes to the polls on December 15. What will the opposition do? It consists of secularists, liberals, socialists, Christians and other minorities. The overthrow of King Farouk, will be over Egypt crackdown targets top opposition figures (thehindu.com).
The above is a feasible scenario. However, there is a new variable in the equation of protest and power. Mohamed El Baradei. He is aiming to force Morsi to backtrack and forfeit his legitimacy. He sees himself as the legitimate voice of the people who oppose an Islamic republic.
If Why the Military Is Unlikely to Intervene in Egypt's Messy Power Struggle (world.time.com) social chaos reigns, will a general on a white horse emerge?
A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs Egypt Is Heading For Chaos. Is There A General In The Wings Waiting To Intervene? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com). I hope you enjoyed these snippets like Egypt's ElBaradei, Moussa, Sabahi join Tahrir sit-in against Morsi (bikyamasr.com) promoting the main post about the chaos in Egypt and the wings of Mohamed ElBaradei and protests near Tahrir Square and the International Atomic Energy Agency with snippets and references to Hosni Mubarak, Morsi in Cairo and the Muslim Brotherhood. Leave some nice comments below so we can engage in a conversation.