Christmas Rules Holidays Rule Various Artists

Christmas Rules Holidays Rule

Christmas Rules is an album of alternative indie festive songs from artists in the UK who although are classed as being on the fringes or mainstream but less popular folk style music are revered by many and have great alternative Christmas songs

Freddie Matthews writes a jolly review of what he describes as an under the radar versions of Christmas classics? You can read the full article if you click here! Read on to find out how Christmas rules in the music world and how holidays rule in the various artists world and much much more in conjunction with the release of this new album.

Christmas Rules for Shakin Stevens

How Many Kings: Songs for Christmas
How Many Kings: Songs for Christmas with tracks from Shakin Stevens, Slade and The Pogues featuring many more artists.

Christmas Holidays Rule with Kirsty MacColl

Kirsty MacColl new can be a Christmas blessing. Something new from someone maybe not quite so new but more like someone you know nothing about could be our saviour for Christmas 2012.

A Christmas tree inside a home.
A Christmas tree inside a home. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas Various Artists Who Rule Christmas

The Magic of Christmas (Nat King Cole album)A list of artists included on this American Christmas compilation The Shins, The Civil Wars, Calexico, Heartless Bastards, Fruit Bats, The Head And The Heart and Andrew Bird and also from, for whatever reason. Special thank you to Freddie Mathews for listing these various artists who all love Christmas.
 Image: The Magic of Christmas (Nat King Cole album)

Christmas Rules for Paul McCartney

Vladmir Putin (right) walking around the Kreml...
Vladmir Putin (right) walking around the
Kremlin with Sir Paul McCartney
and his wife Heather McCartney,
Moscow, Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Paul McCartney The Christmas Song Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire is not really fringes nor is he less known folk style music in fact he is mainstream and has some really popular Christmas songs hence his presence on this album.

Sir Paul McCartney is known for the Christmas frog song. He is also the guy who has the capital to launch and plan this type of albums launch and before the holidays too. He also has the ability of drum together various artists.

Christmas music from New York City

New York City’s fun. Baby It’s Cold Outside by Wainright and Sharon Von Etten, are two singers from who's Christmas songs are included find out more by reading the full article.

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) by Sir Paul McCartney. Nat King Cole is someone close to the musicians heart and Freddie mentions this in his article too. Elvis Presley influence can also be noted on this album.

Christmas Duets
Christmas Duets
A you will here and read in Freddie Mathews review many of these tracks were recorded in the 1960′s. Some of the artists are from around the world, still celebrating Christmas style or wherever else they reside.

Anyone who loves the acoustic guitars, woodwind instruments and Christmas festivity style xylophone sounds will really like this album. For a more laser focused review of 'Christmas Rules Holidays Rule' go over to 'Stirring Trouble Internationally'.

You can have be or do anything you want with this Christmas release.  A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally, source: Review: Christmas Rules / Holidays Rule (the USA version) ~ Various Artists.
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