China New Passport Reveals The South China Sea

Gu Suhua writes from Beijing in reaction to the news U.S. to ask questions on China reports (upi.com) and Here's the Chinese passport map that's infuriating much of Asia (washingtonpost.com) brouhaha over the new Chinese passport is hotting up. China New Passport Reveals The South China Sea (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) .
What is this new Chinese passport?

 The hing is that the new ten year passport includes a map of China. Nothing strange in that, you might say.  The map also covers many small islands in the South China Sea which are claimed by Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. New Chinese passports 'counterproductive' - Indonesia (newsinfo.inquirer.net) Just to add spice to this mix, it also covers the islands in dispute between the Middle Kingdom and Japan.
PH refuses to stamp Chinese passports (rappler.com) Chinese maritime interests in the South China Sea and elsewhere is related to the new US ‘pivot’ in South East Asia. Philippines not to stamp China passports (upi.com) It wants freedom of navigation to be retained. If China dominates these waters it could close the Malacca Strait which allows passage from the Indian Ocean to the region.

Manila Says Will Not Stamp New Chinese Passport (abcnews.go.com) Chinese naval base. This reflects the rising importance of the Chinese navy. It has already an aircraft carrier – bought from and refurbished by Ukraine – and is building one of its own. It should be stated that the aircraft carrier is mainly for training purposes and is no match for US aircraft carriers.
The new leader, Xi Jinping, is declaring that China will vigorously pursue its national interests even if this makes others uncomfortable. New Chinese passports depict claims to South China Sea and Taiwan (irishtimes.com). On their own, they have no chance. So it is no surprise that they want the protection of the US Fifth FleetNew Chinese Passports Rile Asian Neighbors (voanews.com).