Looking Back At The London Olympics

A London Underground train decorated to promot...
A London Underground train decorated to promote
London's Olympic bid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  R.F.Wilson writes from London: Looking back on the London 2012 Summer Olympics I now realise that it was the one-eyed mascot. Word of caution this is a satirical rant about the Olympic legacy there is always an element of truth about what R.F Wilson says but on the subject of the Olympics he is very sceptical.

The Olympic Stadium
The Olympic Stadium (Photo credit: MichaelWu)
In this article Wilson outlines and rips apart what all David Cameron, Lord Seb Coe and London Mayor Boris Johnson have said about the financial rewards of having an Olympics  we are starting to see the effects now. Happiness for supporters in made short lived in R.F. Wilson's article, he seems a bit upset about the whole thing.

Find out why, leave your comments below to challenge him on these beliefs. Be warned though he does go a little bit over the top, but with the news we are seeing recently here in the UK about money and finance who can blame him. He goes on to challenge the amount of tourists who turned up to the city. For example major adjustments were made for the amount of people London predicted the Olympics would bring, the fact is the profits made from the changes are now being paid by the rising prices in travel and the lowering of wages of staff all thanks to British capital.

English: Olympic medals revealed in Trafalgar ...
 English: Olympic medals revealed in Trafalgar
Square, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Were seeing more strikes, private sector workers protesting outside their workplace and the fact of the matter is during the Olympics the transport system at times was like a ghost town. Because of this we are in a heap of debt, but all is not lost because we still hold a triple x credit rating. I mean despite what you think of R.F WIlson in what he is saying in the main article the fact is its not all doom and gloom. Lets face it the Olympics was great fun and travelling around during rush hour without having to cram in on a train like a sardine is awesome and definitely gets my approval and thanks. And it looked great on telly but that is beside the point. So I want you to go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally, have a read and see what you think. You might want to comment this subject needs some comments so go over and share your thoughts please.

Coe, Cameron and Johnson
Olympic Legacy
 If you are a bit upset about the cutbacks with children’s libraries then have a read of this it will fire you up. If you are a single mother on benefits and feeling the pinch and think the cutback in your  benefits might have something to do with then International Olympic Committee then again go over and take a look.

 Here are some teasers: "Danny Boyle, should have been banned from directing anything bigger than a play in a prison theatre after his disgusting film Trainspotting."
Cover of "Trainspotting (Ws)"
Cover of Trainspotting (Ws)
In case you do not know Danny Boyle is the director of the Olympic opening ceremony which without ruining it T.F. Wilson says it was definitely a Pagan ceremony.

If you want to re experience the euphoria that the Olympics ceremony created in Politicians from popular bands like the Spice Girls then again go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and have a read. Click Here!

A humorous take on news and current affairs "Looking Back At The London Olympics. What A Waste Of Money It All Turned Out To Be" 14/12/12.