Things That George ‘We’re All In This Together’ Osborne Should Have Included In His Budget Statement. But Didn’t

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: As all sorts of experts with fancy titles Autumn statement: George Osborne slashes welfare bill (guardian.co.uk) and Age of austerity extended to 2018 (standard.co.uk) talk rubbish about Chancellor George ‘We’re Al In This Together’ Osborne’s autumn budget statement, with some having the nerve to actually claim that it makes sense, we at Stirring Trouble take a different view altogether and talk about things that George should have included in his document, but didn’t.

George Osborne budget statement

Let’s start with capping the rate of interest that licensed lenders are charging people these days. It has come to a point when some of these loan sharks have gone nuts, charging rates of 4,000 per cent and more.

English: Members of the Financial Action Task ...
English: Members of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering map. Français : Carte des membres du Groupe d'action financière sur le blanchiment de capitaux. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Austerity in Britain Will Stretch to 2018, Osborne Says (nytimes.com) So Mr Osborne should be aware that excessive interest rates Austerity to last until 2018, admits George Osborne (independent.co.uk) strangle consumer demand and that in times of recession this basically means UK's credit rating at risk after George Osborne's debt failure (telegraph.co.uk) that the recovery would never happen? And does he know that outrageous rates of interest on loans constitute money laundering?

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And then there is another thing that Mr Osborne did not mention in his budget statement. If the government simply gave the £375 billion that it wasted on QI to the people it would have made more sense and kick started the recovery.) Osborne boosts construction for growth and new jobs (atlpt-news.co.uk) Mr Osborne should have made it clear to the money men that if they don’t start lending properly the Treasury would go after them and impose crippling fines.

Coat of Arms of Osborne
Coat of Arms of Osborne (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

The fact of the matter is Osborne Says UK Growth Forecast Cut as Deficit Seen Wider - Bloomberg (bloomberg.com)  is that banks in this modern world of ours are working against the economy and Britain is no exception. 
That is why they not only avoid investing into the British economy but undermine it by pumping money into countries like China and India that flood Britain with cheap goods made by slave labour
The whole point of a Chancellor in time of trouble is to find a way out of a recession by distributing the burden evenly among the people, putting most of the pressure on the money men, especially as George Osborne delivers Autumn Statement: latest updates (scotsman.com) usually cause all the problems in the first place. But George and the gang are not about these sorts of solutions. 
They’ve got less than three years left in power and they need to arrange their affairs so that once they’re kicked out they can make some serious money for themselves. A humorous take on news and current affairs Things That George ‘We’re All In This Together’ Osborne Should Have Included In His Budget Statement. But Didn’t (stirringtroubleinternationally.com).