Egypt Has A New Constitution. But The Educated Egyptians Reject It

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Ahmed ShafikMehmet Ali writes from Cairo about the Muslim Brotherhood and the new constitution. In this interesting Christmas article you will find out about the Vice President who resigned recently. Find out more about the hot-headed decisions being made in Egypt and get the Al Azhar foundation opinions about law.

Find out what this means for women and people on the fringes and get a better understanding of the constitution, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Find out more about President Morsi and the age groups of people in the country, you will be pleasantly surprised. Be sure to check out Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Find out the full scoop about the International Monetary Fund , find out more about the European Union during the festive season.

You will also find out about fuel and resources, if you are currently living in the United States and thinking about moving to Egypt soon then you will love this.
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The holidays scoop about Cairo, Egypt, European Union, Hosni Mubarak, Islam, Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood, secularist and the United States.
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