The BBC Is Bluffing Its Way Out Of The Savile Scandal. And No One Seems To Mind

BBC News helicopter watching over the cuts protest
BBC News helicopter watching over
the cuts protest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  Today's post is about the situation with the BBC and takes a good look at the  BBC Director General and  BBC News. Today's article is an observational opinion compilation from Adam Lovejoy on the subject of Life in the UK and sprinkles in his post relative terminology about Media audiences and media representation.
BBC News Fox
BBC News Fox (Photo credit: garyturner)

Constructively Adam uses the counter-culture behind the recent chain of events to hit the BBC to show what can happen when big corporate companies choose to practise in ways which are beyond the reach of normal people and offer false hope and employ and broadcast relationships with big companies and investors to fool them into believing they can come to them for employment.

BBC Savile show rocks BBC boss (thesun.co.uk) Find out who Helen Boaden is and why recently Lord Chris Patten accepted a report submitted a few weeks ago, find out why the world has already nearly forgotten about  Jimmy Savile or so the BBC would like you to believe.
Breakfast News
Breakfast News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You will also hear about Mark Thompson, Newsnight and the recent wave of forgetfulness that is being deployed through mainstream popular propaganda.
BBC Micro. The people that made it happen.
BBC Micro. The people that
 made it happen. (Photo credit: jem)
Find out more about why you are paying to have no advertisements to actually get something more powerful. Find out why even if you have a black and white television there are no ways around the world or from life in the UK of staying of the BBC radar.

And get a recap on how any show that does not conform gets singled out and made an example of,  Newsnight is one good example.

Jimmy Savile presenting "Top of The Pops&...
Jimmy Savile presenting "Top of The
Pops" in 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Find out how TV license payers money is being spent on bad decisions and find out how the public are getting sick and tired of the what the BBC news is bombarding them with Newsnight editor Peter Rippon 'steps aside' over Jimmy Savile claims (independent.co.uk).

Lord Patten

You will also find out about why short-term ex BBC Director General George Entwistle got paid as quick as possible, got out of dodge before the future left-wing slump. This and much much more is reported in this satirical ranting report by Adam Lovejoy.

Broadcasting House is the headquarters and reg...
Broadcasting House is the headquarters
and registered office of the BBC
in Portland Place, London, England,
UK. It is home to BBC Radio 3,
BBC Radio 4, and BBC 7.
At the front of the building are statues
of Prospero and Ariel (from Shakespeare's
The Tempest) by Eric Gill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you ever found yourself watching the same thing day in day, why do you think that is? Find out why you get the wish to watch the same thing repeated daily and get the full scoop on why the Jimmy Savile case scandal has quickly been forgotten here You: False report: BBC execs 'step aside' (edition.cnn.com).

In all honesty it's quite an interesting although over the top and at times outrageous what is being revealed. In this article you will learn about the cycles of things that happen and get a better understanding of all the shuffling that is going on and has done for years in a company that time and time again has proved to be closed, un-supportive and makes decisions from a small few who make decisions about your investments in our British Broadcasting centred machine. BBC at war over fate of editor in Jimmy Savile scandal (telegraph.co.uk).

Nick Pollard
RIP British journalism if not one mainstream hack dared to dig deep and get some juicy facts about the Savile cover-up and the way the BBC wages its propaganda war against the very people who pay its bills. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - news and current affairs. Source link: The BBC Is Bluffing Its Way Out Of The Savile Scandal. And No One Seems To Mind (stirringtroubleinternationally.com).
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