Dear Santa, If You Don’t Come Up With The Goods – We’re All Heading For The Handbasket to Hell

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Santa is the only person who can help us. Will his reindeer take fright and bolt? Henry Forth is in Shangri La for Christmas explaining some world views against the Christmas memes of Santa's Christmas grotto in Lapland as a Dear Santa Christmas list.

Now the title of this post is 'Dear Santa, If You Don’t Come Up With The Goods – We’re All Heading For The Handbasket to Hell'.
The IncompetentsFind out about just was inside Henry Forth's Dear Santa list below I have highlighted some of the goodies he hoped to find in his Christmas socks this year.  

In Israel you may want to find out more about Netanyahu and what Henry Forth is saying there. And as a bonus you will get a panoramic view of the state of Palestine all the way over to the state of Israel.  

The Euro is another wish in relation to the way Dave Cameron represents us in Europe and his continued ability to communicate with UK  World Leaders.

Syria and dumping Bashar Al Assad Iran and the updates from Israel. Finding the American help you need and the predictions they have up until late summer 2013.

You will also find out more about the International Atomic Energy Agency  in Vienna. And get the update on how an extra six months could really help avoiding any nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.  
Jim Bob's insight:
Santa and moose
Santa and moose
(Photo credit: Jenny P.) 
Find out what Henry Forth wanted in his big old red Santa sock. In this post you will find out about Christmas, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Israel, Lapland, the Middle East, Santa and Santa Claus myths from Vienna and beyond.
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