The War In Afghanistan Must Be The Most Pointless Conflict Of All Time

Ted Obvious reports from Kabul: As another attack, this time on a joint US-Afghan military base near Jalalabad, leaves 5 dead and scores wounded. 'Taliban' target US Afghan base (bbc.co.uk).

NATO troops in Afganistan

Suicide Bombers Attack US Base In Afghanistan Killing One (businessinsider.com) is the point of this war which has been going on since 2001, especially as it hasn’t achieved any results.  
Apart from the countless deaths and suffering of tens of thousands of people that is. The argument that NATO troops, or the International Assistance Security Force (ISAF), if you like the fancy jargon of politicians, are protecting the streets of their respective cities from terrorism by their presence in Afghanistan has really lost all its cred a war on international terrorism.  
 The drug trade that was at its minimal volume in 2001 as you will see here You: Taliban attack Nato airbase in Afghanistan (guardian.co.uk) now booming in Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban to get the money to replenish their arsenals.  
The government of President Hamid Karzai has practically no support and would have fallen long ago, if not for the presence of NATO troops. But the most embarrassing thing of all is that the Taliban will be back in power once NATO retreats.  
The Pace of Leaving Afghanistan (nytimes.com) Suicide bombers attack US base in Afghanistan (todayonline.com) and Official: Nine bombers hit US base in Afghanistan (worldnews.nbcnews.com) you can look at it, the invasion and the continued presence of NATO forces has resulted in absolutely nothing. 

Apart from making a lot of money for corrupt Afghan government officials, drug dealers and Western arms manufacturers.
President karzai

News and current affairs - The War In Afghanistan Must Be The Most Pointless Conflict Of All Time. (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) strange as it may seem, is much easier than ending them as lots of vested interests are keen to continue them for as long as possible. 

The Afghan war has been running now for more than 11 years which proves that that some pretty powerful people are interested in it continuing. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Additional helpful articles include US airbase in Afghanistan attacked (bigpondnews.com).