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R.F.Wilson writes from LondonYou: Nigel Farage: Ukip is now Britain's third party (guardian.co.uk) – on Thursday, if you’re fussy and want to know all the details UKIP's now a shelter for the politically homeless as disenchanted voters abandon Tories and Labour (dailymail.co.uk) in good old Britain with Labour, the party that stands up for the wants of the working man - and people who have a serious dislike of working, holding on to all three seats. In case you’re keen on by-elections generally and keep a record of all of them, the contests were held in Rotherham, Middlesbrough and Croydon North, all places boasting the presence of a sophisticated electorate that does not fall easily for cheap gimmicks and stunts. To sum up the results, the governing Tories and Lib Dems have suffered humiliating defeats in all three elections, while UKIP beats Conservatives in by-elections - Reuters UK (uk.reuters.com) came twice second and once third, UKIP hail by-election results as the coalition suffers (itv.com) the other marginals registering a blip on the political radar as well. For some strange reason UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, went all ecstatic about the results, even though it has been pointed out to him on numerous occasions in the past that success in elections means winning in them and not coming second or third. But that’s Nigel for you, a hopeless have I Got News For You Farage hails Ukip rise after Coalition drubbing (standard.co.uk).
Labour scores by-elections hat-trick, but Ukip can celebrate more (independent.co.uk) Where these people, some with fancy comb-overs and  preferences, get such inside information from is anyone’s guess. Labour triumph as UKIP claim to be 'second party of North' (theweek.co.uk)
But as for us, less serious observers of the political process in the Kingdom, a quick cynical glance at these by-elections produces the following conclusions: that the only people who bother to vote these days are immigrants and those on benefit. That Labour supporters would vote for their party whatever it does and whoever it puts up as its candidates, as long as they have a red rosette stuck to their lapel. That Tory voters no longer bother to vote and those who do choose the marginals like UKIP and even BNP. That parliament has become irrelevant, with candidates chosen not for their abilities but for the lack of them. That voters’ apathy is becoming seriously fashionable, with Labour standing to gain most from it. R.F. Wilson (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
Taking into account all of the above it would probably make sense to hold parliamentary elections along the lines of such family favourites as the  X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, when candidates would take part in singing or dancing competitions UKIP 'are third force in British politics', says leader (thesun.co.uk) with additional charges paying for the democratic process. Voters would actually get to know their prospective candidates.
Labour Party conference panel Jubilant Ukip piles on pressure for EU vote (express.co.uk) It would make the leadership contests more transparent and democratic and prevent any upsets that brought undesirables like David Cameron and Ed Miliband to the frame. Ukip snaps at Labour's heels in Rotherham by-election (yorkshirepost.co.uk).