Around The World - 'Chimerica' Is The New Power In The World But It Is Fragile | Stirring Trouble Internationally

Obama and Xi JinpingSamuel Marshall writes from Washington on the topic of  Chimerica that is China and America the dominant arrangement in politics. Previously as you may know Europe and America were very close, this has now completely changed, Samuel picks up on this and underlines the three factors you need to know about to understand this further. Other countries who are losing out are the Middle East Europe is not the only country unable to bring any financial security to America. Find out why East Asia is important to America and what the  European Union is doing to keep afloat as the Euro takes another massive hit.

Chimerica a relationship between China and America

Yuan and DollarsAmerica like Saudi Arabia in the United Arab Emirates  are all trying to forge better relationships because as you will find out energy is a key factor for most countries. The US is pulling out of helping Europe according to Samuel Marshall other countries like Russia are also looking at  China and the east because they can afford the higher price bracket and are needing more information about life after the Communist Party.

Money exchange and Chimerica

Samuel also underlines the key fact that Chinese economy is completely dependent on trading with the US and how the US must do everything it can with the resources available to keep China happy.  You will also find out some crucial tips about military alliances that exist between the east and the west that keep the world economy balanced.

The Sino-American Chimerica

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. The social relationships with China are a key part of new new business economy and as the laws change a pattern begins to emerge. The secret relationships between countries become much more apparent to the general public. The laws have recently changed in China about digital privacy and digital privacy is something that America has discovered patented and now sold to the highest bidder. The next stages are unknown however understanding the reality of this new economy Chimerica is like the rumours of the Euro dollar hybrid a few years ago. In conclusion from reading Samuel Marshall's article I can see the need to stay on top of what is going on around the world. There is nothing new in China or America which is not already happening and being discussed here in the UK. There are no more distractions than the distractions that exist for everybody all over the world. Climate change is one big distraction that clever people are discussing and business type people are rubbing there hands at. Other big conversations are digital and about freedom of speech. This effects other parts of the world whereby freedom of speech is not being respected and in some cases seem as a big threat. War is a very difficult topic to examine, but as you will find out in the reading this article is a necessary conversation that countries use to leverage who they are and what they can bring to the table.