A Pessimistic Look At 2013

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Casting a pessimistic glance at 2013 and finding nothing to be optimistic about. Pessimism Optimism Optimism (Photo credit: stuant63) Adam Lovejoy writes from Rome in this satirical article about the world economy. Find out more about slave labour in 2013, the economy and the increase in what goes where by banks. Get more optimistic about your choice of TV shows and broaden your horizons about the world and culture human rights, class and style over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Find out how Harry Potter has created a generation of readers and how you can join in the narrative over on Stirring Trouble Internationally, also Happy New Year.
New Year's Day 2012 - Brunch New Year's Day 2012 - Brunch (Photo credit: Edsel L)
Jim Bob's insight:
A new post on the topic of 2013 you will read much more of this this year. Find out more about culture the economy, Pessimism in general about politics.
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