David Cameron Speech On Europe Done

Henry Forth writes from London about the Prime Minister David Cameron and the old Bullingdon Club at Oxford University. Find out the significance to this and that referendum about the five year plan for the European Union here in Britain.

David Cameron - In or out?

Find out how a reduction of MPs in the Conservative Party and the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party  leader Nigel Farage are challenging Mr Cameron and his big speech about Europe. Read all abou the UK’s EU plan for 2017 being publicly shaped.

Nigel Farage
Tory MPs British institutions were built on the old Bullingdon Club methods, historically it is believed they highlighted the death of Sir Walter Raleigh and this is just one comment made about British society that Henry Forth selects to make his point.

Below is a video about the death of Sir Walter Raleigh.

PM Cameron challenged this recently in the Houses of Parliament  although almost agreed that EU needs reform in the European chamber. There has been some criticism about the way this was done you can read all about that over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.  Read this and more updates about 'The truth about snake oil salesman'.
Seal of Office of Sir Walter Raleigh
Seal of Office of Sir Walter Raleigh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    Source ' David Cameron Has Made...'  StirringTroubleInternationally.com