Asking: Is Operation Yewtree That Was Launched To Investigate The Savile Scandal Properly Focused Or What?

Jim Davidson
Jim Davidson
R.F.Wilson writes from London about the recent ideas from conspiracy buffs, the recent inquest into Jim Davidson on suspicion of sexually abusing women and the operation investigating the Savile case.

In this article you will find out about Operation Yewtree,  Scotland Yard and the case of Jimmy Savile and his network of sexual offenders.

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Jim Davidson worked for the BBC for 50 years and  conspiracy people say that accusing Jim Davidson is all a con. Heathrow airport recently detained Jim Davidson on his arrival to the UK and according to R. F Wilson Celebrity Big Brother requested his presence on Channel Four and that was why he came to the UK.
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Heathrow reception

Apparently the accused had nothing to do with Jimmy Savile, but they did have reason to question the two alleged of suspicious behaviour 38 years ago.

Jimmy Savile

50 years on television is a long time and the old men who have been arrested on allegations again is something that we will here more about. BBC Nick Pollard at the British broadcasting fraternity is helping with the Operation Yewtree investigations.

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The BBC conspiracy buffs are concentrating on all sorts of things to get the case sorted out.

 Source: Stirring Trouble Internationally

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